Ripe comp.
Dear friends,

Family company Ripe Comp. limited focused on production of fruit distillates was founded in 1997 with a great vision to address the needs of all lovers of good alcohol by high quality fruit distillate. We decided to realize the experiences shared from generation to generation, the secret recipes of home stillrooms and the floricultural skills.

RIPER Slivovitz for the Prezidents


Slivovice pro prezidenty
RIPER Slivovitz for the Prezidents

24. – 26. May 2007 is takeing place the 14. Summit of Central European Prezidents in Brno under the auspices of Václav Klaus, The Prezindent of The Czech Republic. All Presidents will get the RIPER slivovitz in luxurious wooden gift box as a present.   






Riper Promotion

Ochutnávky RIPER
Degustation of RIPER spirits

Lets try the original taste of friut and power of the Sun in our traditional distillate. We organize degustations for companies and also for public. Watch our website -  the next gustation is in  Šenku Vrbovec on Václavské square in Prague in May.

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